Heavy Transport East Africa

Heavy Transport East Africa

Special cargo in East Africa needs special care, equipment and staff. According to us, those are the major elements of a good service and safe heavy transport.

During our investigation, about how we could provide our customers a better service in East Africa, we have concluded that there wasn’t a capable logistic services provider in the area of Ethiopia. For Steder Group was this the main reason to establish an office in the Free Zone of Djibouti near the port.

Not only the handling of special heavy cargo in the port of Djibouti is a service we provide. The main challenge is to transport oversized cargo from the port to inland locations in East Africa. Although the Ethiopian Government have made great efforts and investments the recent years to develop an efficient and sustainable road network, there are still remote locations which are not easy accessible. Our mission and strength is to give you the best logistic solution for your cargo, easy accessible or not..

We have done extensive investments in equipment like trucks and cranes for special, heavy and oversized cargo. Also we only work with experienced personnel.

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Special equipment and human resources

Our goal is to play a key role in the region’s logistics supply chain. In order to achieve that, we invest in equipment as well as human resources.
For the latest, our company is dedicated to empower local human resources through intensive training in specialized logistic fields. We believe that transfer of knowledge is paramount and the key for sustainable growth.
At the same time, the company is dedicated to recruit as much local staff as possible and therefore operates intensive training programs.

Port Djibouti

Ethiopia is a so-called landlocked country, which means it is surrounded on all sides by land and therefore it has no direct acces to the open sea. Therefore we decided to establish an office in Djibouti. Djibouti has, in contrast to Ethiopia, a direct acces to the open sea with a seaport. Especially for heavy and oversized cargo is this a significant advantage.

So if you need to ship any cargo (regular, heavy and/or oversized) to Ethiopia or other East African countries, we are your best logistic partner for the task.



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