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Speciaal Transport Djibouti


Heavy Transport with Specialized Fleet

Steder Group operates a comprehensive fleet of specialized equipment, enabling a large variety of possibilities for exceptional transport.

Our Fleet

  • 4-axle tele-trailer extendable up to 48 meters in length
  • 5 and 6 axle semi low-bed trailers extendable up to 37 meters
  • Modular axle lines to carry up to 200 MT in weight

For more information about our fleet see our Overview Equipment Djibouti.

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Port Handling and Mobile Crane Rental in Djibouti

Steder Group can handle up to 300 MT in weight for temporary storage in the port. Using the hydraulic trailers and suitable stools and beams, any piece can be safely put aground.

Steder Group possesses a fleet of modern, well maintained mobile cranes with a wide variety of heavy lifting equipment, which can be rented for a one time job or long term projects. All cranes are properly certified. With a wide variety of lifting machines, all kinds of heavy and special cargo can be handled.

Road Surveys and Feasibility Studies

Heavy transport requires a thorough organization that can handle multiple kinds of transport modes. There is a range of activities that need to be considered before handling a heavy road transport, especially when dealing with a project on a turn-key basis.

The first step is the analysis of the item and an accurate road survey in order to ascertain the feasibility of the transport as well as identifying any foreseeable problems.

The survey is performed by experienced personnel whom check the whole route, step by step taking into account measurements and making a detailed list of all the eventual obstacles and items to be removed. Such as street lightning, road signs, roads to be strengthened or any temporary road supports to be positioned during the passage of the convoy. The engineering department determines the method of transport according to the job specific parameters. It prepares the technical specifications for the procurement and the construction of the equipment such as specific saddles supports, beams etc.

Jacking and Sliding

For situations, where conventional handling equipment such as cranes cannot be used, we provide the most cost effective custom-design solutions while monitoring the safety of the operation.

Steder Group’s sliding equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Pumps
  • Control units
  • Monitoring devices
  • Sliding discs
  • Heavy duty rollers
  • Lifting frames
  • Jacking pedestals