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SG Projects completes complex project in Mali

PRESS RELEASE – Steder Group has finalized another impressive project in Africa. This time, 3 engine generators of 145 Mtons each, were transported from Vaasa (Finland) to Ivory Coast. After transshipment in the port of Abidjan, the cargo was successfully discharged in Syama (Mali) a couple of days later. All 3 engine generators were transported and installed within the agreed lead time of 60 days. An outstanding performance under difficult circumstances; COVID 19, a long lasting rain season, a military coup in Mali, civil unrest because of elections in Ivory Coast and custom strikes at the border. With years of experience in project logistics all over Africa, Steder Group once more proved its ability to deliver the promise under difficult circumstances, with a satisfied customer as a result.

  • Loading operation at origin port Vaasa, including survey
  • Charter from Finland to Ivory Coast
  • Discharge operation at transshipment port Abidjan, including survey
  • Purchase and mobilization of transport equipment from Denmark to Ivory Coast
  • Road transports from port Abidjan to project site Syama, Mali, in total almost 900 km.
  • Escort and security management
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • Route surveys, one after receipt of the RFQ and one a couple of weeks before to the actual transport of the first engine generator
  • Road and civil works
  • Discharge jacking operation of the engines on their foundation at the project site.
  Type of cargo: 3 engine generators | Weight: 145 Mtons each | Dimensions: 1293cmx330cmx456cm