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Special Transport Djibouti

For special cargo in Africa, Steder Group has its base in Djibouti, from which we can transport cargo to the midland of East Africa. Although the Ethiopian Government has made considerable efforts and investments in the recent years to develop an efficient and sustainable road network, there are still remote locations that are not easily accessible. Our mission and strength is to provide you with the best logistic solutions for your cargo, even when the destination is tough to reach.

Heavy and special transport in East Africa requires special care, the right equipment and dedicated and qualified staff. We believe these are the most important elements of good service and safe transport. During our research, on how to offer our customers a higher service level in East Africa, we concluded that there was a need for a professional logistics service provider in Ethiopia. For Steder Group, this was the main reason for opening an office in the Free Zone of Djibouti near the port. The handling of special loads in the port of Djibouti is only one of many services we offer. The biggest challenge is to transport oversized cargo from the port to domestic locations in East Africa. We have invested extensively in trucks, trailers and cranes for, heavy and oversized cargo.

Special equipment and staff

Our aim is to play a key role in the region’s logistics supply chain. To achieve this, we continuously invest in new equipment and dedicated staff. To achieve the latter, our company is committed to educating local staff through intensive training in specialized logistics. We believe that knowledge transfer is of the utmost importance and the key to sustainable growth.
Ethiopia is a so-called ‘land-locked country’, and therefore has no direct access to the open sea. That is why we have decided to position an office in Djibouti. Unlike Ethiopia, Djibouti has direct access to the open sea through a seaport. This is a significant advantage especially for heavy and oversized cargo. So if you need to ship cargo (regular, heavy and/ or out-of-gauge) to Ethiopia or other East-African countries, we are happy to assist you.

Find out what our heavy lift and transport equipment in Djibouti consists of here.