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Project logistics

A heavy transformer from Korea to Zimbabwe, enormous beer tanks from China to Mexico, or complete (de-)mobilizations from dredger projects to the most inhospitable areas on the globe. Our experienced project team can ship and handle your oversized or heavy cargo by boat, airplane, road, river or rail. They ensure your complex project movements will be scheduled and monitored throughout.

Project Freight Management

Project logistics is a complex and challenging area of work. Careful planning, preparing inventories of the expected risks and managing unexpected events is essential in the world of project logistics.

Each project is a unique combination of transport solutions with specific obstacles and challenges Steder Group knows how to deal with.

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Feasibility studies

Steder Group offers logistics in a wide area and at a broad level. We carry out continuous and thorough research on the feasibility of various types of transport, from relatively simple to highly complex projects. We examine routes, arrange for the viewing and inspection of locations, examine the feasibility of transport and examine the storage possibilities.

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