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Customs formalities

Both import and export require many different types of documents. These documents may also vary by country and product. In addition to the customs documentation, we also provide the preparation of origin documentation (CVO, EUR-1) and the preparation of Dangerous Goods Declarations (DGDs) for your hazardous substances and waivers.

In international trade, customs obligations are an important aspect of the logistics process. Steder Group has its own AEO certified in-house customs department that supports and advises our customers with respect to all customs obligations. In addition to providing logistic services, Steder Group is a customs freight forwarder who is aware of all customs legislation and ensures that the import, export or transit is a fast and effective process.

In addition to customs documents, other types of documents and certifications are required. These may vary per country and per type of goods. We can assist you in this as well.

Steder Group provides the following customs services:

  • Handling import and export declarations
  • Handling transport documents
  • Handling veterinary documents
  • Intrastat declaration
  • Authentication of invoices and documents of origin
  • Preparation of documents of origin
  • Preparation of waivers
  • Preparation of DGDs (hazardous substances)