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Air cargo

Steder Group has its own air cargo department that consists of highly experienced air cargo forwarders. We take service very seriously and therefore we always take the time for personal contact and tailor-made solutions.

Through our extensive experience with various types of cargo transport and different places of departure and destination, we ensure safe and timely air transport. Of course, always at the best rates.

We make sure your air cargo arrives on time and safely.

Air cargo export and import

Steder Group offers complete logistic services worldwide for each type of cargo. Whether you want to ship regular cargo, special cargo such as dangerous goods, temperature controlled goods or oversized goods, we are backed up by a large network of local agents that guarantee the transport of your goods runs smoothly.

Because we are part of a group with a wide range of services, we can also offer you various one-stop solutions. We can take care of the entire logistic process for you. From the collection of your goods at the factory via our fixed road haulers for road transport, the delivery of air cargo at the airport, the complete preparation and handling of customs formalities, to the delivery of your special cargo to your doorstep. Steder Group monitors the process from A to Z and will keep you informed if desired, so you can continue to focus on your most important business activities.

Project load

Steder Group offers you a complete package of logistic services, including project management, and tailored solutions for complex, heavy and ‘oversized’ cargo. Our team of forwarders has the knowledge and expertise required to ship any type of cargo. By drawing up a comprehensive plan beforehand and monitoring the entire process, in which we offer full support, transport and customs handlings always proceed as smooth as possible.

Our daily services

  • Research into the best transportation options;
  • Comparing prices and options with different airlines which enables us to provide you with the best service at the lowest rates;
  • Preparing and checking all customs formalities;
  • Door to door deliveries;
  • Storage and distribution.