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Logistics services

Through our in-house logistic service provider, we are able to render a complete range of logistic services. With our strategic position in our service area, extensive experience and a personal approach, we are the service partner you are looking for.

We render a complete range of services:

  • Forwarding & logistic services
  • Warehousing & documentation
  • Barging


Over the years, we have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field of forwarding and logistic services. We render a variety of logistic solutions for your shipments, such as transportation to global destinations by air, road and sea.


We are able to collect and consolidate goods from all over the world and we can offer temporary or long-term storage for a wide range of shipments. Our warehouse is controlled by our WMS and enables us to provide you the status of your goods when needed. When goods must be supplied to the vessel, our forwarding & logistic services can arrange timely delivery of these goods accompanied by required (Custom) documents.


We can offer barging services for onboard deliveries of spares, stores and provisions to vessels whenever the location of the vessel does not allow shore delivery. The location of the barge allows easy delivery and consolidation of the goods and is ideally located for short connection times to the vessel, resulting in competitive rates.