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Steder Group has been active as a global freight forwarder for more than 35 years. We transport every type of cargo, whether it involves sea freight, road transport, air transport or a combination of these modes. Our head office is in Rhoon, which is near the largest port in Europe: Rotterdam.


Through years of experience, well-trained freight forwarders, customs coordinators and an international network of partners, we ensure that your goods reach their destination safely and at the best price. Are you exporting or importing goods and are you searching for a shipping or air freight forwarder with extensive experience and knowledge of customs regulations? Look no further. Steder Group can assist you in any logistic operation.

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Project logistics

Steder Group Projects consists of a team of highly experienced Project Forwarders whom are involved in transporting oversized and heavy breakbulk cargo on a daily basis. We operate on a global basis, using sea freight, air freight, road transport, inland waterways, rail or a combination of these modalities. We render our services to renowned global customers including oil, gas, dredging, petrochemical and mining companies. Are you curious about our logistic services or would you like to request a quote for a transport? If so, please do not hesitate contact us.

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Global chartering

Steder Group Chartering is an experienced, dynamic and independent chartering company specializing in coastal and deep sea chartering of bulk shipments, project and break bulk shipments.

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Steder Group Agencies acts as port and shipping agent in several major ports in Europe for a large number of clients, both ship owners and charterers. With over 30 years of experience in tramp and regular services, handling and clearing of coastals to Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs), we know the market and we can serve our clients and stakeholders to the best of our ability.

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Liner Agencies

Steder Group represents a number of important shipping lines. Fednav International Ltd and Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics S/E (ESLSE) being two of them. The liner department specializes in shipping your goods to your desired destination and preparing all the necessary shipping documents. In addition, we have extensive knowledge in the field of Letters of Credit.

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Special transport

Steder Group offers special transport solutions. Whether you need help with Out of Gauge cargo, special transport of machines, tools, or raw materials, we provide transport from door to door and from factory to customer. We will gladly lighten your load throughout the logistics process. We have our own office in Djibouti, which is exclusively designed for making route surveys and transporting oversized and heavy loads. With our own fleet of trucks, special trailers and of course well-trained staff, we have been serving customers from various markets and industries for many years.

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