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About us

Our history

Steder Group BV was founded in 1981 as Karl Steder Rotterdam BV. He was a freight forwarder and a sugar exporter, who had established himself in the center of the Rotterdam port area. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Karl Steder Rotterdam BV merged with Andreas Hansen BV and Husson Huijsman Shipping BV. These were renowned companies specializing in shipping and logistics.

The emergence of Steder Group

Over the course of two decades, more and more companies have become part of our transport and international logistics group. In 2007 we united these companies to Steder Group BV to achieve an all-encompassing range of activities in one company.
The success of Steder Group and the growth in the logistics market is the result of the spirit and passion felt throughout the Steder Group. We are always on the lookout for entrepreneurial and pioneering work in Europe and far beyond.

The group is still expanding into new markets and is seeking collaborations with companies engaged in global transport and logistic activities.

Our history in bullet points:

  • 1978 – Establishment of Dutch Forwarder Husson Huijsman Shipping B.V.
  • 1981 – Establishment of Karl Steder Rotterdam BV
  • 1985 – Registration of Andreas Hansen BV
  • 1989 – Acquisition of Husson Huijsman Shipping BV by Karl Steder Rotterdam BV
  • 1998 – Acquisition of Wondergem Warehousing & Container Depot and Wondergem Holding
  • 2001 – Acquisition of Carebeka BV
  • 2001 – Establishment of Robchart BV
  • 2007 – Merger of the following companies into Steder Group BV (Husson Huijsman Shipping, Husson Huijsman Agencies, Andreas Hansen, Linterman Shipping, Balt-Dutch Shipping Agencies and Steder Logistics)
  • 2009 – Merger of Wondergem Warehousing, Container Depot and Holding into Wondergem Holding BV
  • 2008 – Opening office in Antwerp
  • 2011 – Opening office in Djibouti
  • 2012 – Opening office in Dubai
  • 2016 – Opening office in Amsterdam
  • 2016 – Opening office in Glasgow and Aberdeen
  • 2016 – Cooperation with Robchart BV by Steder Group BV