Robchart B.V.

Robchart B.V.

In 2016 we have fully integrated our affiliated company, Robchart BV. Robchart BV, founded in 2001, was already related to Steder Group from the beginning and has been successfully active in Chartering, Agencies and handling bulk and break bulk cargoes. Specializing in, but not limited to, minerals and steels. Robchart’s core business is door to door delivery.

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Bulk and Break Bulk Forwarding

Robchart can offer you a full service of (un)loading of vessels and we are specialized in products such as:

  • Minerals like Talcum, Zircon sand, Garnet sand, Ilmenite and Spodumene.
  • Concentrates like Nickel, Copper, Zinc and Lead.
  • Coal, Animal feed, Grain and Steel

We can offer you barging to all inland destinations in Europe, using modern barge tonnage.


Robchart is handling the port of agency of vessels in the port(s) of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Flushing, Antwerp, Ghent, Bremen and Hamburg.

Also we are continental agent for Hudson Shipping Lines, a bulk and break bulk service from Australia to Northern European Ports.


Similar to our mother company Steder Group, we are renowned for our chartering service which is only strenghtened by the joining forces in 2016.